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The 2020 Chinese New Year Gala, which has attracted much attention, is coming. This event will be jointly organized and launched by CAGK and CI this year. The show will use a new and unique opening, which put audience in a happy atmosphere from starting. You also won’t want to miss the raffle between the performances. All performers and the audience will have chance to win. Prizes include: mouse pendants, mouse children's chopsticks. Mouse bracelets, 24K gold mouse pendants, mouse insulation cups, mouse dolls, and mysterious panda dolls. Come and join us to celebrate this wonderful event of the Year of the Rat.



Letter to the friends of the CAGK

Dear friends of CAGK,

Happy New Year 2020!

As the Year of Pig comes to a close, and the lunar year of the Rat is on the way, we would like to extend to you our sincere thanks for your support of the CAGK for the last  year.

This year the CAGK is going to partner with the Confucius Institute of Western Michigan University to organize the 2020 Chinese New Year Gala. Talented artists are going to perform a specular stage show during Chinese New Year to promote good ethics and customs, and to give a good idea of what Chinese culture is like. The Chinese New Year Gala features live entertainment including Chinese singing and dancing, Chinese Opera, folk music, martial arts, dragon and lion dances. Welcome all visitors join the extravaganza to experience a night of vibrant culture and joy.We are pleased to invite you to this event! The event will take place at 7:00 PM on January 25, 2020 in Kalamazoo Chenery Auditorium. General admission ticket: 14.00, Kids 12 and under: $8.00. Kids under 4 years old are free.  CAGK members: $8.00, Please click here to buy tickets.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our New Year celebrations!

Best wishes for a new year filled with peace and happiness!

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Li Jin

President of CAGK



The Kalamazoo Chinese Academy has started the 2019-20 school year! We have nearly 70 students enrolled, with the ratio of 1:1 of Chinese Heritage to Non-Heritage families. This year, we have changed our school time from Friday nights to Sunday afternoons to be considerate of families with young children. We partner with the Confucius Institute at WMU and the WMU’s Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language program, who provide professionally-trained instructors as KCA teachers. There are also more class choices for both parents and students, such as adult Chinese language classes, Chinese painting classes, and Chinese folk dance classes. The student clubs expanded from just one, Chinese Yo-Yo, to two with the addition of Go Club. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment for all Chinese learners, regardless of their cultural, racial, or ethnic backgrounds.




Are you interested in private classes to learn Kung Fu? Whether you be young or old it is great fitness, great for balance! Contact Ali Tanade here: "EMAIL"















The CAGK and the Confucious Institute are Proud to Announce the

2020 Chinese New Year Gala!

It will be held on January 25th 2020

Sat 7 PMChenery Auditorium · Kalamazoo, Michigan


CAGK Bylaws have been released! Press "Bylaws" to see them!


Comstock Community Schools to offer Chinese Immersion Classes to Pre-schoolers, press here for more information: Chinese Immersion


2-10-19 Happy Chinese New Year!

Today, on the first day of the Lunar New Year, we wanted to thank you so much for making our 38th Annual Chinese New Year Celebration on Saturday a wonderful success!!  

It is because of your support and participation that we were able to host such a lovely evening for our local community, as well as our valued guests who traveled from near and far to join us in welcoming the Year of the Pig. 

Photos will be on our website very soon, and we will let you know as soon as they are available! 

We cannot thank all of you enough, from audience members to performers to parents, families, volunteers, and everyone who helped make the event possible. 

We are so grateful for your support and so happy that we can celebrate together. We wish you health, happiness, good fortune, and prosperity in the new year — and all the years to come. 

From the CAGK:

新年快樂! 新年快乐!











































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