**The Chinese Association of Greater Kalamazoo (CAGK) is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating, fostering, and sharing Chinese culture in southwest Michigan.**

CAGK Membership benefits include:

CAGK member directory

Special discounted tickets to annual Chinese New Year Celebration

Free summer picnic with delicious food and fun games & activities

Free food tickets for China Fest at WMU

Provide discount service at associated businesses and restaurants.

Provide Free Financial Planning Education webinars

 Email: info@cagk.org

Website: www.cagk.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cagkorg




1.     邀请参加每年的野餐庆祝活动,提供免费自助餐和多种游戏活动。

2.     邀请参加西密大举行的中国节和赠送美食品尝劵。

3.     赠送卡城华协会员通讯录.

4.     提供年度春晚演出的打折门票。

5.     提供合作业务公司和饭店的服务和就餐折扣。

6.      提供资深理财团队的免费财商教育讲座







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The Chinese Association of Greater Kalamazoo (CAGK) is celebrating 2022 Chinese New Year - The year of Tiger!

Dear CAGK members and friends,


In celebration of the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Tiger, The Chinese Association of Greater Kalamazoo (CAGK) would like to wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!


The CAGK continues to further our mission to celebrate, foster and advance the Chinese culture in the southwest Michigan area. We are hoping to restart all activities in the coming year, including our summer picnic if the pandemic comes to an end. To show your continuing support please click the link above to renew your membership for 2022.  


In order to celebrate the 2022 Lunar New Year, the CAGK board is planning a Chinese New Year “Lucky Draw” for our members and the community on Feb.5, 2022.  Please see details as below. All members are welcome to register. 30 winners will be chosen for these special “Lucky Draw” prizes!!!


Thank you so much for your continued generous support and time!



Li Jin

President, Board of Directors

Chinese Association of Greater Kalamazoo


                 CHINESE NEW YEAR 2023


  Dear members and friends,


Warm Greetings!


Chinese Association of Greater Kalamazoo (CAGK) board is happy to announce that CAGK will be holding the 40th Annual Chinese New Year Celebration in Jan.14, 2023.


For the past 40 years, CAGK had been providing community services and preserving Chinese culture heritage in South West Michigan. Thanks to your dedication and support, CAGK has been successfully facilitating US-China exchange in culture, business and education, and advocating mutual understanding among different ethnic groups in South West Michigan communities.


The Chinese New Year Gala features live entertainment including Chinese singing and dancing, Chinese Opera, folk music, martial arts, dragon and lion dances. We are inviting talented artists like you to participate in performing this specular stage show during Chinese New Year to promote good ethics and customs in local community, and to give a good idea of what Chinese culture is like. The registration form can be found on www.cagk.org or click here to register.


We are looking forward to your participation at 2023 New Year celebrations! Thank you so much for your support and generously sharing your time.



Li Jin

President, Board of Directors

Chinese Association of Greater Kalamazoo


Financial Planning Educational Webinars

In order to enrich community life and enhance family financial education, Chinese Association of Greater Kalamazoo (CAGK) and Jacksonville Chinese Association(JCA) will continue to joint host a series of free Financial Education Webinars in 2022.

Following are the topics of the Webinars:

1) Relish the Leisure: Retirement Planning and Social Security

2) Handle the Uncertainty: Long Term Investment Principals;

3) Affordable Meidcal Care: Obamacare

4) Enhance the Education:  College financial aid

5) Embrace the Longevity: Fixed Index Annuity

6) Build the Shield: Life Insurance

7) Invest in Property: Real Estate Investment

8) Streamline the Selections: Comparison of Investment Vehicles

9)Ensure the Dignity: Long-Term Care

 10) Rationalize the Liability: Tax Management

BEFG is a group of highly educated talented financial planning professionals, aiming to bring the service of wall street to the people of main street. EFG provides two hours of free consultation service for everyone. Please email your webinar request and questions to:  exponentialfinancialgroup@gmail.com





1) 老有所养:退休规划与社保金;





6)进退自如: 股指万能险;





请大家随时关注CAGK Website和 CAGK Facebook上关于的具体讲座的时间和内容更新。BEFG将为大家提供两个小时的免费咨询服务。讲座咨询和问题解答请发至邮件:exponentialfinancialgroup@gmail.com



      牛辞胜岁,虎跃新程。 在福虎生风的新春,由翰林文教基金会主办,翰林教研中心承办的翰林全美小美食家大赛又来召唤孩子们勤用脑、善动手、会表达和拥有营养健康意识了!欢迎北美地区各路不怕虎的小牛们利用这个既高大上又亲民的网络比赛平台,一展身手,让美食彰显你的才艺,让美食激发你的创意, 让美食锻炼你的心智和动手能力,让美食带你走出自我局限,参与公众活动!

      请尽快报名参加翰林全美小美食家大赛 –虎啸初春,报名截止日期为2/22/22。由于大赛征集作品时间将跨越春节、情人节、元宵节,并在总统日的第二天结束,选手们请用自己的创意结合各种烹饪技巧,将初春的气氛融进作品。评判指标将涉及制作能力、营养健康、创意、摆盘、表达等。本次大赛评委为国际级餐饮专家。祝参赛选手们逢虎年,办虎事,做虎人,如虎添翼!



网站: hanlininstitute.org




Position Announcement: Program Manager PREP (Preparation, Response, Engagement and Practice)  


Application Website: https://www.wmujobs.org/applicants/jsp/shared/search/SearchResults_css.jsp


General summary:


Serves as a teaching partner who studies math curriculum, observing current math instructions and teaching. Jointly operationalizes a plan with teachers and administrators within the assigned school.

Major duties:

·         Develops detailed lesson plans, exercises, and testing items for elementary mathematics.

·         Demonstrates math teaching using the principles of "Shanghai math" and other best practices in assigned elementary school.

·         Develops and maintains constructive working relationships with administrators and teachers.

·         Engages in preparation and actives for future dissemination.

·         Generates weekly reports.  



·         Bachelor's degree in related field from an accredited institution.
Five years' relevant experience.

·         Chinese language proficiency and cultural experience.

·         Experience with teaching methods used in China or Taiwan.

·         Knowledge of the educational system and classroom teaching methods in the U.S. and China.

·         Proficiency in using English to teach elementary mathematics.

·         Ability to utilize teaching materials and research literature in both Chinese and English.

·         Experience with research and evaluation.

·         Qualified to obtain a teaching permit in order to demonstrate teaching in a classroom.  


Desired Qualifications:

·         Master's degree from an accredited institution in China.  


Required Applicant Documents:

·         Cover Letter highlighting your qualifications

·         Resume

·         List of References  


Additional Position Information:

·         Terminal Appointment ends 07/31/2023, with possibility of renewal.

·         Anticipated start date of 08/01/2022.

·         There are multiple openings for this position. The hiring department will utilize the applicants in this pool for consideration of the other position(s). By applying for this posting, you will be considered for each position. You may also receive multiple email communications.

·         A simultaneous internal and external search for qualified candidates has been approved. Applications for transfer will be evaluated with external applications.

·         Western Michigan University offers generous benefits to its employees including health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, retirement, and tuition discount for the employee and tuition remission for eligible dependents. To access information about the specific benefits available for this position, GO TO:

·         Staff Compensation System pay grades and rates are available using the URL below:





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